Wayland has been touring and opening for Hinder, as well as Josh Todd (the lead singer for Buckcherry). We crossed paths in Nashville Tennessee so I couldn’t miss the show at The Cannery- a premier venue located downtown Nashville. Wayland rocked that Monday night in front of a large crowd (probably 400+ people). Typically headlining their own tour, being an opening act was a different pace for them. They had to win over the Nashville crowd, and that they did. I really enjoyed this show- they guys were super solid onstage, looking like the seasoned vets that they are. They played a shorter condensed hard hitting set; being the opening band. But it was hit after hit. Some of Waylands friends stopped by the show, some guy from a small band called “3 Doors Down” & another few from “Shinedown”. The magic of music city was in the air. Super fun show- I happened to chat with a couple that drove down from Indiana to specifically catch Wayland live at the Cannery. Well worth the trip. Click the image below to go to my photo gallery.