When you do a video for a band, and the fans are calling them the “best band in America” and the “Rock and Roll Revolution” you know the steaks are high when producing something for them. I knew we had to do it big for the Wayland music video for “Get A Little”. It really was an unexpected side project, that popped up in the middle of producing a full length DVD project for the band. Still eager to take it on- I am honored to work with the band Wayland, as they really want to active a great product for their fans. And that what we did in this video, “Get A Little”. This video is quickly gaining momentum racking up 10,000 plays in two days. The Wayland Warrior movement is real. I won’t ever forget this day shooting, as the City of Wayland closed down main street for the band and I to film. They even lifted me up on the fire truck! What a way to see the city. Even the Mayor of Wayland (the city) came out! (pictured below) I used a steady cam as one of the main tools for this video. I mixed light flares, film burns and more color filters to active the look I wanted, without going overboard on effects. It took a few drafts of editing but I think we got it right! Kaecee Severance is the female starring in the flick. And the Free Berr and Hot Wings Guys! Wayland is the band. Now “Get A Little”!