When you do a video for a band, and the fans are calling them the “best band in America” and the “Rock and Roll Revolution” you know the steaks are high when producing something for them. I knew we had to do it big for the Wayland music video for “Get A Little”. I am honored to work with the band Wayland, as they really want to give a great product to their fans- they put their all into everything they do. They were all in when it came to producing this video behind the scenes.

This video is quickly gaining momentum racking up 10,000 plays in two days. The Wayland Warrior movement is real. I won’t ever forget this day shooting, as the City of Wayland closed down main street for the band and I to film. They even lifted me up on the fire truck! What a way to see the city. Even the Mayor of Wayland (the city) came out! (pictured below) I used a steady cam as one of the main tools for this video. I mixed light flares, film burns and more color filters to achieve the look I wanted, without going overboard on effects. It took a few drafts of editing but I think we got it right! Kaecee Severance is the female starring in the flick. And the Free Berr and Hot Wings Guys! Wayland is the band. Now “Get A Little”!