Ty Farris, 14KT, RoSpit, Marvwon, Fattfather and Quest McCody stormed the Grasshopper Underground in Ferndale Saturday night. I was waiting for a showcase like this! As this particular group of guys become veterans of the scene more and more, you’ve got to take advantage of a show lineup like this. I took a few photos but when the show was rocking I wasn’t really snapping! I had a good time and the crowd energy was LIT, there was definitely anticipation to see this show, and the early crowd proved it. Guest appearances by Gwenation, & Nolan the Ninja. Ty Farris started off the showcase right. I wan’t officially on assignment so I was mostly enjoying myself. I even got a honey bun from Fattfather for a mid-set-snack. Always a plus. Check out all the photos on my flickr page. You can only flick thru a portion of them in the link below.