I was lucky to be invited to a private listening party for Marvwons new album, The Soundtrack of Autumn, which is soon to be released. Marvwon has worked very hard on this project as he handled all of the production on the album himself. I heard a variation of drums and patterns and sample patterns that will please any hip hop fans ears. The album had variety. The raps on this album is exactly how Marv puts it, “no frills rap”. This probably is the most honest album put together by the Fatkiller, lyrically and content-wise. This will undoubtably become a classic album and I believe a benchmark in Marv’s rap career. The album started playing and the group vibed over the new sounds with Apple Cider Mimosas and donuts. Autumn. There was a solid core of Marvwons friends and peers at Silent Riot Studios on E. 8 mile last night. Sometimes I get all weird like, I get all caught in the moment like, yo this is history- and I’m lucky to be chilling with these modern day poets/legends from the hood/truth tellers/historians/cool people/friends/rappers. It was a low key vibe so I only took a few pics. We also played the video I shot for the album. It was kool. Can’t wait for everyone to see it.

Anyway, now we’re just waiting for him to release it to the world! Drop the album Marv! There are a few picture below from last night.

marvwon listening