This video was a challenge for me. Producing this type of a video with such an important message and social commentary- you’ve got to get the story and images right. MarvWon put a lot of trust in me and in my vision to tell this story and I appreciate that. Thanks to Frank at Rappers I Know for the Debut. Get all the merch here!

The fact is, if you live in less affluent areas in America, or you’re black, or if you generally happen to encounter an officer of the law (this is effecting everybody, everywhere)- the possibility that police will be looking to infringe upon your rights as a citizen increase– mostly because they can get away with it. This is not the America I want to live in. There are many factors that effect this issue, but facts are it happens way to often, more than the news reports. If ONE officer abuses their power to a fellow American that’s one too many. But anyway this is not a political blog or whatever and there is no way to sum up the relationship between citizen and government right now but, it’s scary.

Shooting this video in 2017- I learned a lot about the types of videos I want to produce, and put my time and energy into in the future, which will be bigger and better productions each time. I hope to have many more challenges in 2018. Cheers.