Ayyyeee. Thanks for everyones comments and likes on this video already. I wanted to try do something new with animation for some time and I finally got to get into it with the main man Doc Illingsworth. I’ve heard a lot about Doc before I met him in person. Everyone has lot’s of good things to say about this guy. He has got a pretty unique story as well, as far as how he’s decided to make music a main focus point of his life. We all know, breaking the family chain isn’t hard to do, but as I understand it Doc comes from a long line of mathematicians, accountants and numbers-type-people. You know, people who like math! I was never much of a numbers guy, myself. So long story short Doc decides to give up the pursuit of professional mathematics for music.
(I know the details of this story are off, but you get the point.) Doc is a very intelligent dude and it shows in his music. From my first impression of “Worth the Wait” , the instrumentals sounded precise, detailed and planned out. Even before the album- listening to what he has posted on his soundcloud page, the music is very well polished. I can appreciate that, and noticed it right away. By the sounds of it, a bunch of other people have finally caught on too. For a guy like Doc, this album and video are very long overdue! So with no more delay, check out “Everhard” from his new album, “Worth the Wait” released with Street Corner Music. Shouts to Shoes!

Fact Magazine based in Britain, UK has decided to premiere the video for our folks overseas. Thanks for the look.