DJ Houseshoes Phat Kat and Fat Ray were at the Marble Bar Sunday night with a line-up of rap and hip hop acts that shared two stages. The eclectic line-up made for an entertaining night of bands and rappers. This show was different than most rap shows I have attended, it had bands playing, two stages- one inside and one outside, with alternating acts. It was worth my ten bucks to get in seeing Phat Kat rap a short set, along with Ca$h tha Kushman, Fat Ray and more. There is a shift happening in the Detroit rap scene, as time moves on, people get older, new music comes along. I don’t know how many more rap shows I’ll be enthused to attend in the future. Just being honest. This one wasn’t bad- it’s just the music is changing. I’m confident True Detroit Rap will live on. Check out the pictures below.