With no relation to Auxiliary Cinema, Aux Cord DJ’s is an open format internet radio station operating out of hubs in Chicago and Los Angeles. Hosted by Sam Riddle, he invites producers and music lovers from different strains of hip hop/rap/rnb to play their favorite music, their own music or just stuff the DJ is currently listening to. This session was featuring Dayggs and Chanes, with Chanes on his west coast press circuit for his self-titled album. DJ Houseshoes was in the building, and there happend to be some to be some on air drama with another guest of the show- with conflicting opinions on the intentions behind producing certain kinds of music. Everyone is a music critic and as it turns out “the masses” can be less critical. It made for good radio. Check out the photos on my flickr below. Shouts out to Sam Riddle, Dash Radio, Aux Cord DJ’s and Impact 88.9fm Lansing MI!