Auxiliary Cinema produces dynamic music videos through mixed mediums of pictures, video & animation.

Auxiliary Cinema was founded by Brandon Damon and productions are collaborated on with many artists. On this website you’ll find blog reviews and documentation of Detroit rap and hip hop functions either around the city or around the world. Currently, I’m working for the love and I get my inspiration from the music. Mostly for the love of Detroit rap/hip hop music. We’ve been working with a majority of Detroit Rap Artists, such as Marvwon, RedPill of Mellow Music Group, Apollo Brown, DJ House Shoes and Nolan the Ninja, just to name a few. It is an honor to export our Detroit Music Culture to the world. Thanks for watching and thanks for caring.

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Dedicated to quality work since 2008.

The first step to producing a music video is writing a treatment, deciding the scope, and creative intentions to your production. Please contact us to get started right away.