Ayee I got my shit together and decided to make a tee shirt! I’m proud to announce the arrival of the limited edition “LAUX” tee shirt. You can buy it in the AUX Shop HERE FOR 26$ THAT INCLUDES SHIPPING AND TAX.

The shirt tweeks the original AUX Logo to commemorate the city of Los Angeles, Auxiliary Cinema and the recent press circuits made in the city. Also included in that influence is  DJ HouseShoes, Chanes, The Dr. Greenthumb Show, Internet Radio Shows, Jeremy, Diego, PooBah Records, High Fidelity Record Shop, The Echoplex, Stonesthrow, AUX Cord DJ’s, DubLab, Boo’s Cheesesteaks, vinyl,  Landscape, Bamboo, the best taco trucks in town,  warm weather,  LA Broadies, Detroit Rap, LA Beat Scene, Tim and so much more. Chill-Type Only.

Big thank you to Marvwon, Fat Ray, Supa MC, Chanes, Red Pill and Nolan The Ninja for allowing me to be a part of their lives, music and video collaborations.  All of these guys are amazing artists and I have so much respect for each of them, if they arn’t already a legend- they are on their way to be one. Get familiar with each one of these guys, they are the reason why I shoot music videos! Detroit Rap is the best. Minus me, that’s one hell of a supergroup.

Photos by Nate Totten. www.rottenphotography.com

Nates Instagram: @mr_rottenn

If you’re reading this now, thanks for your support.

Special thanks to Chanes for the inspiration. Huge Thank You to Nate Totten for shooting photos for this project. and Rob Bates at Shirt Razor for doing the shirts.